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Memorable Learning Processes

By Ahmad Zaqi Firdausi, S.S

My first day of training program at one of most widespread and well known English course was very inspiring. The topic was the principles of language learning and teaching. It was said that ‘learning’ comes before ‘teaching’ since learning is more important. That is why this journal is also about the learning process that I have undergone.  Generally, there were lots of memorable learning processes that I experienced even though two of them were the most memorable ones:  workgroups activities and the video exposure.

Firstly, in the workgroups session, it was proven that learning would be more interesting if we involve in the process rather than just listening to the explanation of the instructor. It was said that a good teacher reduces the teacher’s talking time and optimize the student’s talking time. In one of group work session the trainees were asked by the instructor to write five important years in their lives and discuss it. Without being told previously by the instructor that the participants would study past tense or getting acquainted, they learned the past tense and introduce themselves anyway. Furthermore, the participants also developed their communication skills and interpersonal intelligence. Another workgroup activity was the defining good teachers by cutting some pictures and words then putting it on to a piece of an unused calendar. Without being told previously by the instructor, the trainees learned to describe someone (a good teacher) by the activity. In addition, the trainees developed their skills in task division since there were some works to finish with limited time. For example, a member of the group would cut the pictures and another member would stick it on the calendar etc. There was interesting wise word related to this kind of learning process that was said by Confucius: Tell me I will forget. Teach me I will remember. Involve me I will learn. Thus, in the workgroups session the participants of the training as learners learned in a true way.

Secondly, the video exposure gave the illustration and made the understanding process of some principles introduced by the instructor easier. When a video was shown to all participants, the instructor did not have to tell or explain much of the given theory or principles of learning. He would just ask the trainees to think and tell which theory applied to the video. The video exposure seemed to advocate the principles of how people learn and how much they will retain the knowledge. It was said that if people learn by hearing and seeing plus saying they would be likely to remember the knowledge more.

After all, the learning process in the first day of training was very interesting since it was easy to memorize (by using the workgroup session and video exposure) even though the given material was too much to deliver in one day.





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